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Agile Uprising is a purpose-built network that focuses on the advancement of the agile mindset and global professional networking between and among practicing agilists.

May 19, 2024

Originally recorded in the before times... Nov 2019... we're rereleasing this podcast, in anticipation of our upcoming conversation with the "Grand Poohbah of Lean Change" Jason Little and his co-author Ken Rickard about their new book "Six Big Ideas of Adaptive Organizations"

In this episode, Hosts Chris Murman, Andrew...

May 12, 2024

This week we have a chat with James Gifford who recently authored a post on LinkedIn regarding how we view maturity in our organizations.  Is chasing a more "mature" organization really the direction we should be moving in?  Or would it make more sense to orient around builidng capabilities?  Listen in and find out...

May 5, 2024

In this episode of the Agile Uprising Podcast, Andy Cleff digs into the topic of team engagement, health, and happiness.

Whether you're a team leader, a team member, or someone passionate about organizational culture, this episode is packed with actionable insights that promise to enhance your approach to employee and...

Apr 28, 2024

Are you ready to transform your team's communication dynamics? Dive into this episode of the Agile Uprising podcast, where host Andy Cleff explores using David Kantor's four-player model to cultivate continuous improvement in high-performing teams.

In This Episode:

  • Overview of the Four-Player Model: Learn about the...

Apr 21, 2024

In this episode of the Agile Uprising podcast, Andy Cleff, Chris Murman, and Jesper ├śrting delve into a discussion on the concept of greed, in the context of organizational dynamics as well as personal growth.

This episode marks the seventh and final installment in the series on the seven deadly sins, focusing on how...