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Sep 24, 2023

In this @agileuprising episode, Andy Cleff engages in a compelling conversation with Phil Johnson about the critical role of emotional intelligence (EI) in leadership and coaching. They emphasize that leadership transcends titles and is rooted in the ability to inspire trust through actions and results. The discussion explores the art of truthful communication, underscoring the importance of delivering truth with compassion and empathy to earn trust.

Furthermore, they delve into the challenge of motivating individuals, driven by either pain or passion, to step beyond their comfort zones. Phil Johnson shares practical techniques, including the transformative power of a smile and the growing relevance of EI in an era of rapid change.

In today's dynamic world, cultivating emotional intelligence is essential for effective leadership and coaching. This podcast unravels the key principles behind EI, offering valuable insights for professionals seeking to foster trust, engagement, and lasting relationships in their roles.

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