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“Monster Attack” is a podcast dedicated to old “Monster Movies,” the ones we all grew up with and fell in love with. These are the films that opened up a new world of scary creatures, sci-fi wonders and frightening tales of the supernatural. Former radio personality Jim Adams re-visits a time when radioactive dinosaurs threatened Tokyo, werewolves terrorized the population at large and mad scientists conducted hideous experiments in large mansions.

Jun 3, 2019

Jim takes a look at Hammer Films' third entry in its vampire series with 1963's "The Kiss of the Vampire," starring Clifford Evans, Edwardf de Souza, Jennifer Daniel and Noel Willman. The film received quite a makeover for its American television release as "The Kiss Of Evil." A young newlywed couple finds themselves stranded in a mountainous region of Bavaria near a town keeping a deadly secret - a vampiric cult led by a mysterious doctor. Find out more on this episode of "Monster Attack!"