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Apr 28, 2022

Technology, taste, and trends continually change the forms of entertainment we enjoy. What does the future hold? Can the past offer any tips? Ken looks back at how show business has evolved over the last 120 years with the emergence and impact of movies, radio, television, and now the internet. Does it all lead...

Apr 21, 2022

Baseball is a sport made for radio. A good announcer can fill the down time with spellbinding stories and humor. Ken salutes the best — past and present and states the case for why radio still is the best way to follow baseball.

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Apr 14, 2022

In light of the Will Smith/Chris Rock fiasco, Ken recalls the numerous times he attended award ceremonies and the amusing things that happened on the way to his many losses and occasional wins. 

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Apr 7, 2022

Whether it’s a former NBA superstar or sheep, writing and directing for athletes and animals can be a challenge.  Comedy generally isn’t in their wheelhouse.  Ken shares amusing stories working with both.  

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