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Aug 28, 2017

Two avid listeners - Jean Rigatti and Ardith Rademacher - join the show and put Chris and Steve on the hot seat with listener questions about everything from mental training to training as a masters runner. In the mean time, they open up about their own training in ways that we believe every listener can relate. 

Aug 23, 2017

So, who won the prediction contest between Chris and Steve this time?!? Find out that and more on this episode as Chris and Steve break down the results from the IAAF World Track & Field Championships.

Plus, we pay homage to one of the greatest sprinters of all-time, and her name is not Usain Bolt.

Aug 20, 2017

With episode #37, we bring back episode #8 guest and former Rogue coach/employee - James Dodds. We call him the Reverend James Dodds for a reason because he knows how to preach the message of running philosophy and "religion." In this episode, we do a roundtable between Steve, Chris, and James with various...

Aug 14, 2017

In Episode #36, we interview Peter Rea, the head coach of the elites with ZAP Fitness-Reebok. Peter shares his training philosophy with ZAP including insights from his mentors Pete Pfitzinger and Bill Squires, two of the greatest marathon coaches of all-time. Plus, learn more about how he translates these concepts to...

Aug 6, 2017

TeamRogue athlete John Armbrust joins us at the Running Rogue studio to talk about his experience at the largest and oldest road ultramarathon in the world - the Comrades Marathon in South Africa. He covered 87 kilometers in just over 9 1/2 hours to earn a coveted Bronze medal. John talks about finding his limits at 80K...