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Jun 19, 2019

Cross-posting from my new Clean Sport Collective Podcast with Kara Goucher and Shanna Burnette:

In this 4th episode of the Clean Sport Collective podcast, we interview Jenny Simpson (@trackjenny) to get her perspective on anti-doping efforts in sport. Jenny is one of the greatest US 1-mile and 1500m runners of all time. She owns 3 World Championship medals (1 gold and 2 silvers) and an Olympic medal (bronze in 2016). She's also a 3-time NCAA champion, 11-time US champion, and 3-time Olympian.

In this interview, we learn more about Jenny's background in sport and how she became one of the best in the world in her event. We get insight on what it's like to line up against suspicious athletes as well as what it's like to be randomly drug tested, including how things went in a surprise test on the morning of our interview. 

Jenny is an athlete that we can all believe in, and we think you will enjoy this discussion with her.

This will be the last time I cross post episodes. If you want to check it out or subscribe, you can find the podcast here: