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Jul 8, 2018

In this episode, we cover intro topics that include Desiree Linden leaving Brooks Hansons, a big half marathon PR for Sara Hall, and predictions for the US 10K road championships in Atlanta. 

You can listen to the Desiree Linden podcasts referenced here:

- Finding Mastery:

- Rich Roll:

Then at 21:20 into the episode, we begin our interview with Tina Muir. Tina Muir is a former elite-level runner who has her own podcast called Running for Real. She is a 2:36 marathoner and previous member of the British team at the World Half Marathon Championships, but her most recent claim to fame is her public discussion of a 9-year struggle with amenorrhea (inability to have periods). She has bravely shined a spotlight on a condition that is not talked about publicly very often. In this podcast, we discuss her ups and downs as an elite runner, dealing with amenorrhea, and her subsequent pregnancy and child birth. Tina is a great interview that holds nothing back. We believe that everyone will relate to her story, men and women.

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