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Jul 15, 2018

By way of intro this week, Chris gets to brag about his spot-on Peachtree picks, and then we talk about why it's time to jump on the Shelby Houlihan bandwagon if you can catch it. 

Plus, we share this sobering blog from Tianna Bartoletta (Olympic long jump gold medalist) on the state of the sport and her worth in it:

At 31:42, we get to our main interview, listener Mary Margaret from episode #79 fame. In that episode, Chris and Steve guaranteed a sub 4 result at the Twin Cities Marathon if she follows our training principles, mainly slowing down on those long runs. With Mary Margaret, we go over her online training program and provide tips/guidance for how to modify to get optimal results. We think this episode provides practical examples for anyone who might be training on their own or following a generic online plan. Enjoy!