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Jul 22, 2018

In our intro, we get answers to critical questions such as:

"What did Steve and Chris link of the Women's Steeple race in Monaco?" Hint: Wow. 

"Did Des Linden listen to and respond directly to one of Steve's running rants?" Hint: Definitely not, but she disagrees with Steve on at least one thing.

"What kind of listeners are we hoping to speak to?" Hint: It's not about your weekly mileage.

Then at 28:15 into the podcast, we start our interview with guest Marielle Hall. Marielle is a former athlete of Steve's from the University of Texas, now badass Bowerman Babe and Olympian from Rio in the 10,000m. Marielle shares great insights on the mental side of the sport including how she has dealt with ups and downs in her career, what she thinks about to deal with race pressure, and what she does to stay motivated. Listen in and be a fan of Marielle!