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Jul 31, 2017

In this week's episode, we interview Austin Runners Club President Iram J. Leon and learn his inspiring story. Diagnosed with brain cancer in 2010, he talks about how life has changed for him since then. Find out what living with a terminal diagnosis means for running, fatherhood, his relationships and life....

Jul 24, 2017

Episode #33 guest - Kevin Leahy - brings a non-runner's perspective to the podcast this week as he prompts Steve and Chris to debate the science and magic of running and coaching. Kevin is the husband to a Rogue runner and has observed the Rogue philosophy with curiosity through the years. As a lawyer and executive...

Jul 16, 2017

In this episode, we continue our series on mental training, discussing additional tools that you can put into practice for workouts and races. With this edition of the series, we talk about facing your fears and about how to manage your stress response going into a big workout or event. 

Also, check out episodes 6, 11,...

Jul 7, 2017

In this episode, we have the privilege to interview the trio of Kara and Adam Goucher and their agent Shanna Burnette. The conversation flows from the US Champs to the state of our sport to training and then to family as Kara, Adam, and Shanna give authentic answers to every question.

We need more people like these...

Jul 3, 2017

So, who won the big prediction contest between Chris and Steve?!? Find out that and more on this episode as Chris and Steve break down the results from the USATF Outdoor Track Championships.

Plus, in the opener, we answer a listener question and give an overview of the results from the Western States 100.