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Feb 28, 2018

The World Indoor Championships starts on Thursday, March 1st, and in our typical preview style, we break down the distance events from 800m to 3000m with predictions. 

Like before, we do this one in the order of the event finals with the first coming on Thursday with the women's 3000m.

Listen in, make your own...

Feb 25, 2018

With this episode, we bring on elite Masters Runner and Rogue Running coach Carmen Troncoso to discuss training as you age. We answer questions like: 

1. When does father time start stealing speed from us? In other words, how old can we still expect to PR vs. set new expectations?

2. What's happening physiologically...

Feb 19, 2018

As an athlete, you are the only person that has all of the information about your training - how much sleep you got, how you felt on that last repeat, when a little injury or pain pops up. You know more than your coach. As such, you have to take control of your training whether coached or self coached. In this episode,...

Feb 11, 2018

In the intro of this episode, we break down the action-packed weekend in track & field including recaps of the USA XC Championships and the Millrose Games.

Then, episode 33 guest - Kevin Leahy - joins us to question/interview us on the magic and artistry of coach athlete communication. He focused particularly on the...

Feb 3, 2018

We start this episode with a full breakdown and predictions for the stacked USA XC Championships in Florida. By the time you listen to this, the results will be posted so look up how we did!

Then, we continue our series on purpose in practice with a conversation with Greg, another athlete from our podcast...