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Dec 11, 2018

In this episode, we interview two Rogue athletes from Austin who run different paces but are on the same journey. They both ran personal records at CIM a few weeks ago, and we highlight them here to show that pace doesn't matter. It's the work that you do and the journey you are on that matters.

Jessie Barnes (@thejessiest on instagram) entered this CIM cycle with a 4:57 marathon PR and went on to smash it by 30+ minutes on race day to run 4:27.

Cate Barrett (@beingcate on instagram) came in with a 2:54 marathon PR seeking an Olympic Trials qualifier. She got it done with an 11-minute PR to run 2:43 at CIM and secure who spot in Atlanta in 2020.

Both ladies are badasses in their own right and we share their stories here to show how similar we are regardless of pace! Congrats to Jessie and Cate!