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Dec 16, 2018

In this episode, Chris leads an interview with Ben Rosario, self-described running nerd and the head coach and director of NAZ Elite. Ben coaches top US marathoners Stephanie Bruce, Kellyn Taylor, Scott Fauble, Scott Smith and others.

We start with his take on recent current events in running - the US Marathon Champs at CIM and the US Club XC Champs in Spokane, WA. Ben had athletes competing at both so he talks about their results and his take on the races at the front of each.

Then, we turn to other questions including:

- What was it like racing in the 2004 Olympic Trials where his Brooks/Hansons teammate Brian Sell made the race with a bold race from the front?

- What has he learned from Eliud Kipchoge?

- What core training principles drive his team's results?

- What are examples of marathon-specific, long-run workouts used by his team?

- How does he prepare his athletes for the mental demands of the marathon?

- What is he looking for in athletes that join his team?

And more...

Also, look for more details on the book he mentioned - Inside a Marathon - here: