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May 11, 2020

In this episode, I tackle an uncomfortable conversation on running and racism with one of the Rogue Dallas run leaders Alex Williams. Alex is an amazing runner in her own right, but she also happens to be a black female. She explains the complexities, challenges, and safety concerns of being a black woman on the run. We discuss how the biases and assumptions of others affect her planning for every single run, just because of the color of her skin.

This conversation was sparked by the tragic death of a black man at the hands of two white men for doing what we all love to do - just going for a jog. Here is more on Ahmaud's story and how the running community has rallied to call for justice for his death.

We must do more to not only speak out for Ahmaud but also to promote more inclusivity and openness for those of color in the running community. Alex and I conclude the episode with a conversation on some of the things that can be done to dismantle racism (implicit and explicit) in our sport, but this conversation is just the beginning. Thank you to Alex for joining me and for giving me the grace to talk about this topic openly with her even though I know I have a long way to go in my own thinking. 

You can learn more about Alex and watch her video on her blog site: