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Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb

Apr 26, 2020

Matt Bucella, who helped Kyle orchestrate Leadership in the Shadows comes to Tennessee to visit the Shiloh Battlefield. History is amazing, keep reading, listening, and watching. God Bless America!!

Apr 19, 2020

Frank DeSomma from POF and Harry Fleming invited me to shoot some new blasters and hunt some critters in Texas. We had a blast. It’s an honor to sit down and visit with these great men as well as my old buddy from 5th Group, Special Forces soldier Don Alexander. God Bless America!!

Apr 12, 2020

Lukas and Kyle sit down to answer your Instagram questions. We had a lot of fun with this one. Kyle finds out how out of touch he is with reality TV. Please let us know if you enjoy this one, we can always do more question and answer podcasts. God Bless America!!

Apr 6, 2020

John Brasseur, VP Commercial Product Management, Sig Sauer USA. John has been the leader and manager of many of Sig’s recent product innovations. He is also a hunter and fisherman who loves to mess with land lovers like Kyle. God Bless America!!