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Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb

Jun 25, 2021

Harrison swings in to talk muscle cars... or not... Seriously some pretty cool stories about his amazing Grand Dad. We also discuss his book Saber Down which I highly recommend. Harrison is a cool cat. God Bless America!!

Jun 17, 2021

We released this as a video on the Viking Tactics youtube channel. Go there if you want to see what's going on. Kyle said A2 steel but it is actually S7 Tool Steel, but you get the drift. Don't just listen, get out and see which trigger makes sense for you. God Bless America!!

Jun 10, 2021

Dusty joins Kyle to talk training and about his new book, Hitting in Combat: The Brain Science of Training to Win Gunfights. Great discussion. God Bless America!!

Jun 4, 2021

So you want to write a book. Kyle tackled this many years ago and has published three successful books. His lessons learned will help the aspiring writer. Remember, write the book YOU want to read. God Bless America!!