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Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb

Nov 29, 2022

Patience and Compassion. Johnny Dawg Cone, my ballistic and spiritual advisor, took to the road to chase elk in Montana. After killing time we decided to head back to Utah and forge some spurs out of farriers rasps. John and I talk about our ONE GUN selection and a few other fun things to ponder. Remember, Patience...

Nov 15, 2022

Hanging out with my buddy Skinner, Kevin Holland as well as Jacob DeLaGarza, USMC and Brett Bondurant, U.S. Army. We headed to Montana to hunt cow elk with Wounded Warrior Outdoors. These dudes are heroes, please remember how blessed we are in America to have young men and women willing to sacrifice as these men have....

Nov 1, 2022

EP 122 Chris Bardugone and Paul Taylor from Zert Nation. We finished filming some short firearm and tactics disagreements and thought we should bust out a quick podcast. Check out Chris at and and of course, God Bless America!!