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Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb

Feb 12, 2018

What happens when Navy Seal Commander Rorke Denver comes face to face with Air Force POL specialist John Burns. Just kidding, John is with Wyoming Arms. We were told we could get a tax break if we had a SEAL on our Podcast so here he is the token SEAL.. Seriously, Rorke Denver, real deal seal Commander and even played one on TV in the movie Act of Valor. We are also joined by Nephi Cole and John Burns from Wyoming Arms on this Cow Elk hunting extravaganza. Of course, we are still in Wyoming. True identities have been changed to protect the innocent so enjoy the new call signs, I hope they stick. And by the way, Nephi is still here and won’t leave, guess we need to claim him on our taxes too, definitely a dependent! God Bless America!