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Capital Allocators – Inside the Institutional Investment Industry

Jul 4, 2022

Ashvin Chhabra is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Euclidean Capital, the family office for Jim Simons of Renaissance Technologies. Ashvin joined Euclidean in 2015 after spending time as CIO of the Institute for Advanced Study and CIO of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. He is the author of The Aspirational Investor and is recognized as one of the founders of goals-based wealth management.

Our conversation covers into Ashvin’s upbringing and his path from physics to investing. We discuss his “Beyond Markowitz” portfolio management framework, application of it to high net worth individuals, foundations, the Yale endowment, Warren Buffett, and a single family office. Along the way, Ashvin shares the story of interviewing with Jim Simons, his critique of endowment management, manager selection, and perspectives on interest rates and bitcoin.

Ashvin is one of most creative and independent thinkers in the community and you’ll soon hear why.


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