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Capital Allocators – Inside the Institutional Investment Industry

Mar 6, 2023

Tom Steyer is the founder and former head of Farallon Capital Management, climate activist, candidate for President of the United States in 2020, and most recently, co-founder of Galvanize Climate Solutions, a mission driven investment platform addressing urgent climate solutions.

Our conversation covers Tom’s early career and founding of Farallon in 1986. We discuss his original strategy, history, and succession to new leaders at the firm. We then turn to Tom’s retirement from Farallon, work on the environment, and Presidential run. From there, we dive into Tom’s return to the investment business at Galvanize, covering his investment thesis, strategies to deploy, and creation of another investment organization today. All the way through, Tom shares a lifetime’s worth of investing and business wisdom.

Show Notes:

(6:19) Tom’s background
(11:56) Stories from Goldman Sachs
(13:47) Founding Farallon Capital
(19:50) Lessons from building teams
(23:04) Succession planning
(27:31) Climate activism post-Farallon
(32:44) Running for POTUS
(37:38) Investing in climate solutions
(49:02) Investment strategy at Galvanize
(1:00:02) Building a new company
(1:04:11) Competition
(1:05:56) Closing questions

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