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Rock & Roll Farming

Feb 28, 2018

Tonight I'm heading over to Haddon in Cambridgeshire to talk to arable farmer & the man behind FaceTime a Farmer, Tom Martin.

We talk about the family farm, and the various crops they're growing, and also what Tom, as a self-confessed soil nerd is doing to improve the conditions there. We also discuss what he means...

Feb 21, 2018

Tonight I'm heading over to Aherla, near Cork in the South of Ireland to talk to dairy farmers Peter and Paula Hynes @Peterhynes15 @Paulahynes4

Firstly we talk about their non-farming backgrounds, how they met through a mutual love of horses and have been inseparable ever since, and how they ended up on their own dairy...

Feb 14, 2018

Tonight I'm staying in Wales and heading down to Wenvoe, near Cardiff to talk to dairy farmer, Abi Reader @AbiReader

We talk about Abi's family farm, and how the business has grown over the years. We discuss her role at the farm, and what that entails, as well as the fantastic team that she has working for her, and also...

Feb 7, 2018

Tonight, here in my farm office, for my first face to face interview, I'm talking to arable farmer and current Vice-President of the National Farmers Union, Guy Smith @essexpeasant

We discuss what he's doing so far North of home, and how he's currently attending hustings all around the country for the NFU elections this...

Feb 1, 2018

Tonight for this Rock & Roll Farming short, I spoke to Jude Capper (AGAIN!) to find out all about #Februdairy  - what it is, what she hopes to achieve with it, and how we can all get involved. 

Check it out folks.. 




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