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Rock & Roll Farming

Jul 25, 2018

Tonight I'm heading down to the Garden of England, to Kent, to talk to farmer, Katie Anderson @FemaleFarmerUK

We discuss Katie's early life growing up in an Essex commuter town, with no links at all to farming, and how training as a teacher led to a passion for outdoor education. 

We then hear about how a trip to Wales...

Jul 18, 2018

Tonight I'm delighted to be heading over the Irish Sea to County Wicklow to talk to Dairy Farmer John Kelly @j0hn_k

We talk about the area where he's farming, before going on to talk about his childhood in Derry, Northern Ireland, and the tragic suicide of one of his brothers at age just 13. We then hear about what it...

Jul 16, 2018

Tonight I'm heading all the way up to the Isle of Lewis, in the beautiful Western Isles of North West Scotland to talk to crofter and broadcaster Domhnall McSween @SweenyNess

After my pathetic attempts at Gallic pronunciation, Domhnall tells us all about the unique part of the World that he lives, some of the amazing...

Jul 16, 2018

Tonight I'm delighted to be heading down to Wiltshire in the south West of England to talk to farmer and current Deputy President of the National Farmers Union, Minette Batters.

We talk about her early life growing up on a tenanted farm with no succession, and how she was able to secure a long term farm business tenancy...

Jul 16, 2018

Tonight for this Rock & Roll Farming special, I talk to NFU President Minette Batters.

We discuss the 'Health & Harmony' DEFRA consultation papers; why working farmers should respond to them, what's good about them, what's bad about them, what we as farmers need to happen post-brexit, and crucially, whether she employs...