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Rock & Roll Farming

Feb 7, 2018

Tonight, here in my farm office, for my first face to face interview, I'm talking to arable farmer and current Vice-President of the National Farmers Union, Guy Smith @essexpeasant

We discuss what he's doing so far North of home, and how he's currently attending hustings all around the country for the NFU elections this month campaigning to be elected President.

We talk about his farm on the North East Essex coast, and how it's officially recognised as being the driest farm in England, and the challenges that brings. 

We go into the two Nuffield scholarships that he's undertaken, and the huge amount he got out of them, as well as hearing about a case of mistaken identity with the Spanish Police! And also talk about his role as a long-standing and popular opinion piece writer at Farmers Weekly.

We then go on to talk about his role at the NFU at length, and what the it entails. We go into the challenges of the job, as well as the rewards, and discuss the future of UK farming as a whole, including Michael Gove's much hyped 'green-brexit'. 

All this and much, much more. Guy's a really witty and engaging fella, and it was an absolute pleasure to talk to him for the podcast. 

Check it out folks.. 




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