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Rock & Roll Farming

Sep 14, 2018

Tonight I'm delighted to be heading up to Sunny Ayrshire in Scotland to talk to dairy farmer Robert Drummond @robwdrummond

We talk about his early life in Lanarkshire, after his Parents moved over from County down in Northern Ireland when he was a few months old, and how they built up the family business over the years.

We discuss the challenges they faced with some short term land leases, and the difficult time when his Father died of cancer at just 57.

We go into the years spent working back in Northern Ireland on his Uncle's farm, with the lovely @S_JDrummond now on the scene, and how a change in situation led them looking for their own farm.

We talk about their decision to go into organic conversion on the farm, and what that entails, with their milk now being sold through a coop, to a local producer retailer.

Robert then talks at length about the extremely difficult times he and Sarah Jane have gone through, with seven miscarriages, and how they've coped with it, and are involved with raising awareness and helping others in similar situations through #SayTheirName. We then hear about their decision to adopt, and how three beautiful little girls recently arrived at their new home with them.

All this and much, much more.

Robert and Sarah Jane are two of my favourite people to follow on social media, and have become good friends. I couldn't be happier for them that they've finally got the family they've always wanted, and it was a genuine pleasure to talk to Rob tonight.

Check it out folks.. 



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