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Hard N.O.C. Life

Jul 24, 2017

Recorded live during the Asian American ComiCon Summit on Art, Action, and the Future.

We've seen so many different kinds of futures unfurl in pop culture, and many of them have people of color and LGBTQ individuals as backdrop and "local color." What would a truly diverse, inclusive and intersectional future really look like?

Moderated by Keith Chow, panelists include: Steven Barnes (Sci-Fi writer, The Legacy of Heorot and the Dream Park series, with Larry Niven); CB Lee (author Not Your Sidekick); Arune Singh (VP of Marketing, BOOM! Studios); LaToya Morgan (writer for AMC's Into The Badlands); Marc Bernardin (Fatman on Baman podcast; writer, Castle Rock).

All this and more on Hard NOC Life! Watch it on your screen, hit "play," and check this.

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