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Hard N.O.C. Life

Nov 27, 2017

Two weeks ago, Justice League -- WB/DC's attempt at uniting all of its iconic heroes in a single movie -- fizzled at the box office, calling in to question the future of the DC Universe on film. To talk about the movie, and what it portends for the rest of the DCEU, Mashable movie reporter Angie Han joins the podcast to discuss where Justice League failed to deliver as a follow-up to Batman v Superman.

In addition to discussing Angie's essay on that very topic, she and Keith talk about the film's troubled production, the clashing of its two directors' visions, and the toxicity of some of the fandom surrounding the DCEU. They also explore the difference in approach between Marvel and DC and speculate what other films could be in store for Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment. Finally, they consider the necessity for another Batman franchise, while Keith once again makes a pitch for Armie Hammer to take over the role of Batman, mostly for the prospect of a de facto Man From U.N.C.L.E. sequel.

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