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Hard N.O.C. Life

Jun 15, 2018

Ever since Kelly Marie Tran was bullied off of social media by Star Wars fanboys, an age-old debate in nerd circles has reemerged: Why is fandom so broken?

In order to answer that question, Keith welcomes two amazing Star Wars fans to Hard NOC Life for the first time. Jessica Shitara is the co-host of Rebel Grrrl, and Swara Salih is the co-host of Beltway Banthas. They are also two of the originators of the #SWRepMatters hashtag and prominent voices battling the Dark Side of Star Wars fandom. Together, Keith, Jess, and Swara attempt to break down where we are in Star Wars fandom and how things like #FanArtForRose exemplify Rose Tico's iconic lines from The Last Jedi.

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