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Aug 24, 2023

This week we talked with Ag Law Legend Drew Kershen! Listen in as he walks us through the exciting things he got to accomplish over his career and how American Agricultural Law Association played a part in that!


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Jul 6, 2023

Interested in Law School? You do not want to miss this episode! Listen in as we talk about law school and everything that it contains. 


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Mar 14, 2019

I get lots of questions from folks interested in agricultural law.  What majors should I consider in undergrad?  What courses should I take in law school?  What does an agricultural lawyer really do?  What are your best tips for someone interested in law school?

I rounded up some of the best in the business to answer...

Aug 24, 2017

Today's guest is one of my childhood friends thanks to New Mexico 4-H and FFA, Erin Hawley.  Erin grew up the 6th generation on her family's beef cattle operation in northeastern New Mexico.  She obtained her animal science degree from Texas A&M University and went on to graduate from Yale Law School.  She was hired by...

Apr 11, 2017

Today, I visited with Kyle Weldon, a second year law student at Texas A&M University School of Law.  If you have ever wondered what law school is like or thought about applying, or if you're in the throws of the LSAT or your first year and looking for some advice, listen up!  Kyle and I discuss a variety of topics...