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Sep 16, 2021

As you may know if you're a long-time listener, mental health is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  With September being National Suicide Prevention Month, I wanted to do an episode focused on mental health in the agriculture context.

So I reached out to Ted Matthews.  He has spend his career working with farm and ranch families and now works as a counselor and director of the Rural Minnesota Mental Health Specialists. This organization is state funded and offers counseling to farmers and rural residents in Minnesota free of charge.

Ted joined me on this podcast to talk about the importance of prioritizing mental health, what unique stressors face farm and ranch families, and some tips for those involved in agriculture.

Ted's Contact Information

(Phone) 320-266-2390


Links to Topics Mentioned on the Show

Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline:  833-600-2670

Ted's You Tube channel 

National Ag Law Center compilation of mental health resources by state 

National suicide prevention hotline

Prior mental health podcast with Adrienne DeSutter

Prior mental health podcast with Lesley Kelly 


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