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Apr 27, 2017

Today I am joined by my friend and Texas A&M University alum, Cari Rincker, to talk about family law.  As Cari explains, practicing agricultural law can include a variety of legal areas, including family law. I absolutely love her tag line that she does "horses and divorces!"  I failed to mention this on the podcast, but Cari is extremely active on social media, so be sure to check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

During our discussion, Cari gives great advice related to why folks should consider prenuptial or postnuptial agreements and explains how she has converted from being against prenups, to being a proponent of them.  We talk about reasons for these agreements and what type of terms are often included.

We also discuss different types of alternative dispute resolution available for family law issues, and why Cari is a proponent of those resources.  I love her thoughts on why divorce litigation differs from any other type of lawsuit and her encouragement for people walking through a divorce to seek out counseling.  Additionally, she offers thoughts and advice for students or attorneys interested in ag law and planning on hanging out their own shingle.

Cari says that one law she would like to see changed is that she'd like to see the process for obtaining a divorce be simplified and more affordable for people.

For her restaurant recommendation, she goes back to her Texas A&M roots and mentions the ever-popular Dixie Chicken in College Station, Texas.  In particular, she's a fan of the Tijuana fries, burgers, and cold beer.


Contact information for Cari Rincker





(Instagram) @rinckerlaw


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- Onward & Upward: Guide for Getting Through New York Divorce & Family Law Issues

- American Agricultural Law Association


A big thanks to my friend Tell Runyan who composed and recorded the music for today's episode.