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Jan 3, 2019

Hello and Happy New Year!

Today on the show, I'm glad to welcome back our friend Jake Parker.  You may remember Jake from Episode #37 where he gave us the background info and reported on verdicts in the first two nuisance lawsuits filed against Smithfield Food subsidiary, Murphy-Brown, in North Carolina.

A lot has happened since July, so I asked Jake to come back on the show and give us a little update.  There have now been four trials completed, so Jake updates us on the third and fourth verdicts, both very different and very interesting from a legal standpoint.  We also talk about an order from the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit requiring the trial court judge to lift a gag order that prohibited the parties from discussing the case. Lastly, we talk about where we go from here, including a preview of the fifth trial and an upcoming interlocutory appeal on numerous issues.

Contact Info for Jake Parker


Phone: 919-782-1705

Twitter: @jakeparkerjr

Links to Topics Mentioned on the Show

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Fourth Circuit gag order ruling