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Women Leaders in Sports Podcast

May 30, 2021

In this podcast, Patti Phillips shares an inspiring conversation with the Director of Athletics at Mississippi Valley State University, Dianthia Ford-Kee.
Dianthia’s energy and zest for life is undeniable. Those qualities, she says, stem from humble beginnings. Growing up playing backyard basketball and softball games with family, she never imagined that her love of those sports would lead to being a dual-sport collegiate athlete, 6-time conference champion Head Coach,  AND a Director of Athletics. Her passion for helping others and mentoring young people is palpable, and truly inspiring.  
The fact that a former colleague became a president and then came calling for her reminds us that we are always interviewing for the next job through our performance every day. And just as important, she never shied away from making a connection or taking the next opportunity when it came knocking.
In our conversation, Dianthia opens up about her experience working in all 3 NCAA Divisions, why she has chosen to only work at HBCU’s and what her experience was like being the only female administrator in her department for many years. We also talk about her experience taking the initiative needed for department evolution and how being intentional about lifelong learning positions you for impact.
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