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Women Leaders in Sports Podcast

Nov 16, 2023

Hello and welcome to the Women Leaders in Sports Podcast... I am your host, Patti Phillips. Today, we have a special episode on the Deputy Mindset that was recorded during our 2023 National Convention that took place in October.  We will hear from these four talented women shaping their organizations as great Number 2’s:

  • Carrie Michaels, Senior Associate Director of Athletics and Senior Woman Administrator at Shippensburg University
  • Heather Owen, Deputy Athletics Director and SWA at Stanford University
  • Jill Redmond, Deputy Commissioner at Missouri Valley Conference
  • Summer Hutcheson, Senior Associate Athletic Director  Internal Operations and SWA at Washington University St. Louis

During these candid Ted Talks, you will hear what it means to be in the deputy role from several different perspectives- as each one has impactful insights. You’re really going to love Carrie’s unique list of the “Deputy Dirty Dozen”.

Make sure to stay on until the end to gain insights from the open and honest discussion between the audience and panelists during the Q&A. Let’s dive into the mindset of a deputy....and remember, We Are Women Leaders.