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Women Leaders in Sports Podcast

Oct 2, 2022

Hello, and welcome to the Women Leaders podcast! I’m Patti Phillips, CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports.  

On this episode, I hand the mic over to the super talented Jill Bodensteiner, Vice President and Director of Athletics at Saint Joseph’s University! She is joined by Julie Cromer, Director of Athletics at Ohio University and co-chair of the NCAA Transformation Committee, and Brynn Carlson, University of Missouri Volleyball player and Chair of the D-1 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee!

This conversation dives into the work of the transformation committee and the future of college athletics from both the perspective of a student athlete and an Athletic Director.   

They talk through several important topics, including the importance of student athletes having a voice, inclusive equity in sports, how the new transfer rules are playing out, and the overall impact these changes are having on college athletics.   

There is obviously so much here, and it’s super timely.  A big thanks goes out to Jill for moderating such a great conversation! 
I enjoyed listening to this SO much and know you will too.   Don’t miss a moment of this Podcast Takeover. Enjoy, and remember...We are Women Leaders! 


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