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The Active Life Podcast

Nov 26, 2018

Naudi Aguilar is a critical thinker’s critical thinker. On this episode Dr. Sean sits down with the founder of Functional Patterns and dives deep into the mind of the man who is taking it upon himself to fundamentally change fitness.


He wants to make such big changes to the landscape that Naudi doesn’t even really consider what he is doing to be fitness, but more biomechanical training. He bases his methodology, which aggressively rejects dogma and offends status quo, in his studies of how some of the greatest movers of all time do what they do.


Naudi believes that the essential movements that our entire physiological infrastructure is built around are ambulation and throwing. He believes that in order to do these two things well many other things need to be aligned and that seeking excellence in them is paramount to successful movement practice.


On this episode Naudi talks about his earliest influences, his process for deciphering movement efficiency, an invention he has recently patented, and even what he believes the word “sacrifice” means. The man is a deep thinker and this is an episode not to be missed.


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