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The Active Life Podcast

Nov 12, 2018

Anders Varner is the co-host of the wildly successful Sheugged Collective Podcast. This episode is about many of the events in his life that lead to his current place in the world being possible.


Anders is passionate about professionalizing the coach just like we are at Active Life. For him, there was a transformative moment back stage at a country music concert that set him off on this wild trajectory.


we went long on this episode because the conversation warranted it.


You are going to love hearing about what it was like to workout with John Cena, party with him and his friends, and get a life lesson out of the whole experience.


How does the type of romantic partner you attract relate to the kind of professional you are? Anders talks about that too. This was an episode jammed with so much awesome.


Anders can be found at:



Shrugged Collective Podcast



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