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The Active Life Podcast

Oct 21, 2019

What if doctors told you that you have an incurable disease that would reduce the quality of your life, rendering most people who have it completely disabled in 10 years or less?


What would you do?

How would you react?



On today’s episode, Jesse Golden discusses her experience with Rheumatoid Arthritis that left her bed ridden for almost a year and the changes she made in her life that have allowed her to live in ways the healthiest people on the planet could only dream to.


Jesse was a single mom, a model, and a world class ballerina, when the diagnosis came. Comfortable with pushing through pain, she made things worse for herself.


It was not until a conversation with a friend that things started turning around and Jesse stepped into her power as the Tough woman who could make tough decisions.


Jesse is one of the most magnetic people I have ever had the chance to be around, I think quickly into this episode you will understand why. In a best case scenario, you will be able to adopt some of her strategies to live a more fulfilling life.


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