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The Active Life Podcast

Dec 31, 2018

She’s back. I get it, everyone likes my wife more than me. That’s ok, so do I. On today’s episode we discuss why we think it’s great that our three year old has told us she wants to earn money. It’s deeper than you might think. Tune in.




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Dec 24, 2018

James Hobart joins us on the Active Life Podcast today!


I can’t lie, I was a bit of a fanboy interviewing James. James has been around the CrossFit scene since 2009, competing, coaching athletes, and coaching coaches. His intentional experience has made James a worthy and valuable ambassador of the CrossFit brand,...

Dec 17, 2018

There was a time when “coach” meant something in the fitness world. Now it seems you can get your title at a weekend workshop.


You are a less effective version of your full time self if you do something part time. There should be no debate about this. It does not matter how much passion you have for a profession,...

Dec 10, 2018

The man, the myth, the legend, Kelly Starrett joins us on the Active Life podcast today!


Kelly has been a CrossFit Affiliate owner for 14 years now and he has been influencing the culture of both athletes and fitness professionals ever since.


The author of best seller “becoming a supple leopard” and the creator...

Dec 3, 2018

When I first took my CrossFit Level 1 in 2011, EC Synkowski was there on staff to humble me. I asked her for a proverbial handout and she put me in my place, we talk about that experience on today’s podcast.


This was a very fun conversation with a very smart, valuable, thoughtful, and well spoken person. It’s a...