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Black Entrepreneur Experience

Mar 28, 2018

BEE 52 – Bola Sokunbi


Bola Sokunbi, CEO & founder of Clever Girl Finance, a business that helps women become accountable, ditch the debt, save money and build real wealth. She is a certified financial instructor, money expert, business strategist, all-around finance junkie.






Mar 21, 2018

Kunbi Tinuoye, Founder & CEO of, a groundbreaking, video centric, minority oriented, digital news platform. In this episode Kunbi tells us about her journey from London, where she was born, grew up and studied journalism; to Atlanta, the city where she currently lives and where she decided to start...

Mar 14, 2018

Kay North, Career Strategist, US. Navy veteran, business coach. In this episode, Kay tells us about her views on leadership, strategy and how applying these concepts allows people to achieve success in their life. Her punchline is: “I build, I develop, I produce results”.






Mar 7, 2018

Tamika Newhouse, self-publishing best-selling author, CEO of Delphine Publications, mother and founder of the AAMB book club. Tamika is a young and energetic entrepreneur. She likes to say she wrote her way to success, in this episode she tells us about this journey starting at 21 when she founded her publishing...