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May 23, 2022

This week on The SCALEit Method®, Allison talks with Megan Reilly, the COO of Tippi Toes. Megan talks about the benefits of franchising your business, as well as some of the difficulties that go along with it. She discusses how you can manage everyday fear of running a business and focus on other people, getting out of your own head.

Topics Include:

  • How Tippi Toes got started
  • Challenges of working with family
  • The trust needed before entering into a business partnership
  • Why Tippi Toes decided to make the move to franchising
  • Dealing with the fear of running a business
  • Finding the right team members for your franchises
  • How to build great company culture
  • Megan’s Shark Tank experience
  • And more…

Megan Reilly the owner, and COO of Tippi Toes inc. an international franchisor of children's dance, and the creator and host of Who is Your Momma podcast.

Megan is a Shark Tank alum and she has scaled to 34 franchises of Tippi Toes. She has even written children's music that has topped the billboard music charts.


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