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May 31, 2022

Universally, business owners face similar challenges when it comes to growth. Business owners who try to control every aspect of their company actually cause their business to get stuck and resist growth. So how can you reach the next level and have your business essentially run itself? Serial entrepreneur and best-selling author Allison Maslan proposes her SCALEit Method ® to help you grow and expand your business. In this episode, Hala and Allison talk about the five steps to scaling any business, how to let go of control, hiring hacks, the 10-10-10 rule for decision making, and how to streamline your days for maximum productivity.

Topics Include:

- What it was like growing up in a family of entrepreneurs

- How she launched her first PR agency and landed huge clients

- The accident that changed her life

- Advice for how to make a change 

- Allison’s definition of a successful business 

- The idea for the SCALEit Method ® 

- Why Allison focuses on the 7% of businesses with seven figures?

- What are the ways businesses get stuck?

- The five steps to scaling any business 

- Advice on letting go of total control 

- Avoid hiring mistakes with this interview hack 

- Taking ownership of your team’s energy

- How to create a strategic vision 

- Increase your cash flow with this sales hack

- Simple hack for better decision making

- 60-second freak-out rule 

- 3 P’s of Planning: How to streamline your days for max productivity

- Finding your optimal schedule

- Allison’s actionable advice 

- Allison’s secret to profiting in life 

- And other topics…


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