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Jan 13, 2023

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Running a 50-person company is harder than getting to 500.

Take it from Lee Benson, CEO and Founder of Able Aerospace, who has propelled the company to greater levels, selling the company for nine figures to Textron Aviation. The gargantuan task took honesty, cultural alignment, and accountability.

Now he’s heading Execute to Win, a company that aims to guide leaders to achieve similar results, breaking one overused business maxim at a time. As a leader himself, he believes that the biggest limiting factor of a business is the person at the top.

Tune in to learn from Lee Benson what it takes for companies to speed up value creation, measuring important numbers, the importance of empowering employees as CEOs of their roles, and his most valuable takeaways from his experiences that you too can apply in your future company exit.

▶️ Creating Value at Scale: A Proven Framework with Allison Maslan and Lee Benson

Key points:

03:36 Why go into business?

05:53 The benchmarks of growth

10:41 Why culture accelerates value

13:18 Challenges that get companies stuck

17:16 Staying hyperfocused on key drivers

23:29 Apply these methods to your company

30:06 Empower your employees

36:04 Biggest lessons and breakthroughs

40:09 When is selling the company an option?

47:13 Advice for CEOs

Lee Benson is the CEO and founder of Able Aerospace and Execute to Win and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Your Most Important Number. Lee grew his first company, Able Aerospace, from 3 to 500 employees before selling the company for nine figures to Textron Aviation. Following this, he committed to helping other leaders achieve similar results as his next venture. He founded Execute to Win, where his main focus is to help leaders develop an intentional high-performance culture that connects to financial performance.

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