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Apr 15, 2022

Allison is joined by Alli Webb to discuss how she went from stay-at-home mom to $100M business owner. They discuss how Alli scaled her business from solopreneur to 150+ locations around the United States.

Topics Include:

- How Alli turned an idea into a $100M business

- The pros and cons of franchising

- How crucial branding was for Drybar’s growth

- Building stores around surprise, delight, and discovery

- Making the investment in customer experience

- Raising money and finding the right investors

- Managing growth sustainably in a fast-growing business

- Letting go of control and placing trust in others

- Alli’s hiring strategies

- Hiring internally vs externally

- Launching a product line as a service-based business

- Working with family members

- Hiring a CEO from outside the company

- Growing a business as a mom

- Dealing with negative reviews

- And other topics

In 2009 professional hairstylist Alli Webb founded the blowdry service Straight At Home and went house to house giving clients at-home blowouts. As Straight At Home’s popularity increased, Alli recognized there was a gap in the market for affordable blowouts. She founded Drybar later that year and has since expanded to 150+ locations around the United States.


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