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Aug 2, 2022

This week on The SCALEit Method®, Allison sits down with retired Navy SEALS veteran, bestselling author and leadership and human performance expert, Rich Diviney. Allison and Rich discuss what he learned during his time interviewing potential Navy SEALS, how we can take control of uncontrollable situations and the value of having the right attributes.

Topics Include:

  • How Rich became a Navy SEAL
  • How the Navy SEAL training affected Rich
  • Insights from interviewing SEAL teams
  • Discovering the intangible attributes of anyone
  • Attributes that contribute to optimal performance
  • The difference between skills and attributes
  • Being a master of uncertainty
  • Defining optimal performance
  • Using dynamic subordination as a task organization structure
  • The danger of trying to control uncontrollable situations
  • How we can focus on our goals, not our shortcomings
  • And much more…

Rich Diviney is a bestselling author and leadership and human performance expert. Rich draws upon 20+ years of experience as a Navy SEAL Officer where he completed more than 13 overseas deployments – 11 of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since retirement in early 2017, Rich has worked as a speaker, facilitator, and consultant with the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Simon Sinek Inc. Rich’s purpose in life is to accelerate the potential of human beings. His deeply held belief is that each individual has unlimited potential that, once unlocked, can lead to not only living the life of one’s purpose and dreams – but also allowing for inspirational contribution to others.

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