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Dec 9, 2022

Mentoring other business owners one-on-one is my passion; helping them make great traction can be the most rewarding thing in the world.


BUT I know I couldn't help that many people. If I were to see five or eight business owners in a day, I could never get to the 800, 8000, or 800,000 business owners change their lives. 


I made a decision early on that I wanted to build a team-managed company that didn't depend on me because I didn't want to be the guru. There are a lot of other people that have so much wisdom that they could bring to the table. With Pinnacle Global Network, we have the best CEO mentors who help me create a lasting difference.


▶️ The Multiplier Mindset


✔️ If you are still delivering the products and services in your business, you cannot scale. 

Do you find yourself stuck in your business's day-to-day, checking off to-do lists and running errands? You may save money by doing these tasks, but you're losing more. The $10,000, $100,000, or even $1,000,000 opportunities will not work within your business if you stay as the worker bee instead of ruling the hive.


✔️It's not about working harder— but working less, smarter, and faster.  

My client, CEO & Founder Marshall Doyle grew Cal-Cert Calibration Certification the company scaled by nearly 2000% since he took control in 1999. The figures looked very good; however, when he came to work with us, we discovered he hadn't taken a vacation in 20 years. 


He was already in the multiple 7-figure range and had 35 employees. Like any driven business leader, he was micromanaging. And he was still working 60 to 80 hours a week. 


We aided him in getting out of the weeds of the business and being the visionary he is. We helped him add many new revenue streams so he could do upsells and cross-sell. Now, Marshall works 90 minutes a week in his business, and he started taking a lot more vacations and spending time with his family, which they were pretty happy about! He's purchased over ten more companies and ultimately changed his life. 


✔️ Do the things that your competition is not doing.  

Look at your competition and assess: 

  • What are they not doing? 
  • Who are they not serving? 
  • How could I reach customers in a way nobody else is doing?


The scalable strategies we share with our clients at Pinnacle Global Network allow them to play where others aren't yet and raise the game in an ever-changing market. 




Take your first step to learning how to SCALE your business to 8 figures and BEYOND! My team of expert CEO's ready to provide you with clear, proven, and team-driven strategies that will allow You to build a business that thrives without you! 

Book a Strategy Call with one of the CEO mentors today.