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Mar 22, 2017

  My special guest is Mike Koenigs, and he is the absolute best to learn from when it comes to online marketing and being seen and heard everywhere. 
Mike has the results to prove it.
In one online product launch alone he brought in 9 million in one week! On this episode, Mike is sharing ...

Mar 22, 2017

      On this eye-opening interview, Esther Kiss reveals everything you need to know about public relations, so you can potentially create MILLIONS in additional sales. 
I know publicity seems so scary if you’ve never done it before, that’s why Esther Kiss and I are going to you simplify the whole process for you!...

Mar 1, 2017

JJ Virgin is a Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness expert, a four Time NY Times Best Seller and she has just released the most powerful documentary, “You are Stronger Thank You Think.” On this brand new LIVE segment, JJ and I are sharing some powerful Mindset Hacks that you can tap into right away to...