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Dec 17, 2019

Is social media taking over your life? Do you spend endless hours planning, strategizing, and stressing over posts, likes, and engagement… But still see nowhere NEAR the results you were hoping for? You want to focus on your business...but it’s pretty hard when you’re spending hours just trying to figure out how to get seen online. No one knows this better than Kat and Brian Sullivan -- founders of Marketing Solved and creators of the revolutionary automated social media software, Tassi. Kat and Brian are on a mission to help small business owners and entrepreneurs get their time and freedom back by making social media simple. Since 2008, they’ve helped more than 10,000 business owners and have been recognized as the behind-the-scenes, go-to social media marketing consultants for many top entrepreneurs, celebrities, and professional athletes. They have also been featured in over 131 media publications, like Entrepreneur, Inc, Fox, ABC, CBS, and more. They’re the real deal! That’s why I’m so excited that they joined me for this episode of The Scale or Fail Show... Where they shared the secrets that will maximize your results and save you tons of time, effort, and money.