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Mar 10, 2022

In business, it’s often said that your network is your net worth.


Whether you love networking or absolutely loathe it, there’s no denying that business success is built on the back of the relationships we create and nurture as entrepreneurs. Our special guest on this week’s episode of The Scale or Fail Show is proof positive. 


Justin Breen is the Founder and CEO of BrEpic Communications LLC., a global PR firm that partners exclusively with visionaries, and the global connectivity platform, BrEpic Network. He is also the author of the New York Times #1 best-selling book, Epic Business


Tune in now to discover Justin’s candid advice on taking action, making waves and letting your purpose lead the way – plus get the opportunity to see where you rate on the BrEpic Communications Visionary Scorecard and how to shift your mindset to reach your business goals.