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Aug 30, 2021

Do you have an amazing product… and dream of getting onto the shelves of big-name retailers across the entire country (or even globally)... But have no clue how to get started, get recognized, and get your “in” with the industry?


This week on The Scale or Fail Show, we’re sharing an episode of Women Who Own It, another podcast that Allison Maslan hosts, in partnership with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). In this popular episode, Allison interviews Bea Dixon, founder of The Honey Pot and master of all things retail, sales, and beyond.


In 2014, Bea launched The Honey Pot, a plant-based feminine hygiene line created with a goal to provide women with a healthy alternative to traditional feminine care, while working a full-time job. 6 years later, The Honey Pot Company’s products can be found online and in stores nationwide at Target, Walmart, Urban Outfitters, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, Whole Foods, and beyond.