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Nov 8, 2017

Your future customers are online. But how do you reach them – rapidly, affordably and without overwhelming yourself?

That’s the question we’re tackling today on Allie & You.

My guest is superstar digital marketer Katherine Sullivan, the CEO and founder of Marketing Solved, which provides online marketing and social media training for business owners.

Find out how a stay-at-home mom and blogger, Katherine leveraged her entrepreneurial skills and social media savvy to build a 6-figure business and retire her husband from his corporate job. A serial entrepreneur, marketing coach and online educator, she handles digital marketing strategy for multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and organizations such as Stedman Graham, Tim Ferriss, and Tar’Lese and Matt Trainer.

Tune in as Katherine shares her secrets to leveraging social media to find more leads – and customers.

Watch here to discover:

  • The 2 biggest reasons business owners don’t get the most from their marketing efforts
  • What to remind yourself whenever you feel reluctant to make an offer
  • Katherine’s secret weapon that helps her create massive reach, influence and impact on social media – without getting overwhelmed
  • The social media platform that nearly every business can use – but most CEOs overlook
  • Why you should never fully delegate your marketing … and what to keep a handle on

And much more.